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Gun Totting Students at Virginia Tech

Last week was the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting. According an AP story in the Seattle PI, the dealer who sold one of the guns to Seung-Hui Cho used in the shooting visited the school. The dealer was speaking to a group of students who support providing them with the rights to carry concealed weapons on campus. I can see why people might have felt this was a little out of taste. But I actually agree with the goal. I know my liberal readers will disagree with me on this, but imagine this situation if a few of the students or teachers were allowed carry weapons. As anyone who followed the story knows, the local police were totally inept when it came to quickly resolving the shooting. But if a few gun savvy students were packing, I bet they would have resolved it with a much smaller final death toll. Cho would have rushed into a room, and found a few students with 45's pointed at his head.

Why did the United States and the U.S.S.R. never fire nuclear missiles at each other during the cold war? I bet one reason had to do with the knowledge that the other side would shoot back. In this era of school shootings, maybe we should consider a solution that's a little outside the box. Let's empower people to protect themselves. Let's actually follow the second amendment to the Constitution and allow people the right to bear arms, and see how that effects school shootings.


Anonymous said…
Hey, here's a better idea: Let's make selling and carrying weapons that are solely designed to quickly kill other human beings illegal like the rest of the civilized world given that, other than the National Guardsmen, no one else is part of a "well regulated militia" which is what the second amendment was designed for.
Rooster said…
The problem with this idea is that no matter how illegal you make gun ownership, criminals are criminals and they will always get their hands on them. The National Guard doesn't get involved in civilian issues unless a state of emergency is declared. So, from the time that guns are made illegal until the time a State of Emergency is declared, how many people are injured or killed because their ability to defend themselves has been stripped away?

Now, once the SOE is declared, the National Guard comes in and BAM! guess what? We have civil war between National Guard and our criminals.

I, for one, agree with CM (holy crap!). If everyone in the country knew that if they came head to head with another person and they only have a 50/50 chance of walking away... people will be much less apt to commit pointless violence.
MGD said…
It does say that EC, but if you read the rest of the sentence it also says, "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

I was in the National Guard, and to be honest, we weren't the most well trained group. I would prefer not to depend on them for protection.

And yes Rooster, agree with me... Welcome to the correct way of thinking. You shall be known as Darth Rooster from now on.
Anonymous said…
Okay guys, yee haw! Criminals will have guns regardless I am sure. But at least it would be a million times harder to get a hand gun if they weren't sold at K-Mart or the local pawn shop like an Xbox. Why did 30's gangsters have Tommy guns so easily? Because they were technically legal for some time. After they were not made readily available, the numbers declined.

But I will give you gun loving hicks this: If we can't live in a civilized society like the rest of the developed world, you might as well just make handguns legal for everyone, everywhere, any time. Hell, through in machine guns and grenades for good measure. Nothing like a smooth flowing, readily available supply of ordinance to keep the nation safe.
MGD said…
as cool as grenades would be, a flame thrower would be way cooler...