No One Wants to Look Dumb, Except

Recently a co-worker and I were in the Microsoft campus cafeteria and noticed large banners hanging all over the place. The banners has a slogan of "no one wants to look dumb" with the picture of some guy and an acoustic guitar on it. Beyond that, their wasn't much information. After trying to decide the point of the advertisement, we decided to go back to our desk's and look up the site. on the way back, we noticed posters in the office building with the same slogan.

After going to the site, the guy with the guitar walks out, strums a little, and sits down. After listening to some of the default songs, and looking at the scrolling across the bottom, sending each other some cheesy songs it allows you to make up, and checking the linkss we figured out what the site was about. The guy with the guitar isn't the dumb one, the dumb person is the person who's not using as their default search engine. That's right folks, Microsoft is saying the majority of the population on the planet is dumb, because we use Google and Yahoo.

Great Microsoft, you spend a decent amount of money to advertise your search engine to your employees. I haven't seen these ads anywhere else. So really, who's the dumb ones here?