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No Really, It Doesn't Work

Working in corporate buildings, we of course have multiple conference rooms. All the conference rooms have phones for conference calls, and some projectors for presentations. In one of the smaller conference rooms the phone lines haven't worked since I've been here. I would assume people have said something to facilities, but for some reason the phone line hasn't been repaired. At one point a person brought in a second phone to the room, possibly thinking it might be the phone and not the outlet causing the problem. Well it wasn't, because now the room has two phones in it. And as you can see by this picture, there is now an old monitor, multiple lines, a hub, and a bunch of other crap. Anyway, using this room regularly (because it's a short walk from my office) I decided one day to take all the phones, cables and crap, and pile it on a table in the corner (not pictured).

Apparently the fact that everything was piled on a table in the corner didn't convince people that the phones don't work. Because a couple of days later, I went back into the room for a meeting, and it was back to normal, phones piled, cords all over the place, and a person actually trying to get the phone to work. I politely let her know it wouldn't work no matter what outlet she plugged it into. She huffed away, as if it were my fault.

My boss and I, who were meeting, decided to write on the white board that the phone don't work so stop trying. We would love to have a little camera in the corner, to see how many people seeing the note still try using the phones. Or for that matter, how many don't see the note at all.

Note: As of the time of this posting, the phone still does not work in that room.


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