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Piss Bowl Anyone?

Microsoft in it's attempts to build "green" recently opened up a new building on the campus. I've recently had the pleasure of holding a few meetings in the building, and have to say it's pretty nice. It has a nice large central forum, with huge skylights lighting the place. The conference rooms, have large windows in place of walls, and a lot of nice conference room features. The place has a relaxing little cafeteria, with a large outdoor seating area for the few days of the year we can use it.

Unfortunately since this is Microsoft, they can build something totally cool, yet include one major flaw. In this this case it's the men's room. In an attempt to save on water consumption they installed no flush urinals . As you can see, they are basically bowels in the wall. Good intentions, but the flaw of course is, since they don't flush, they don't flush. When walking into the men's room it smells typical at first, until you get to the urinals. Then you smell… urine. Since the toilets don't flush, they have no way of rinsing out the gallons and gallons of piss that go into them each day.

Let's hope they learned a lesson here. It's okay to want to conserve and save on the water bill, but don't take it to such an extreme next time.


Anonymous said…
I know which building you are talking about. I noticed that on the inside of the stall doors, there are instructions for which way to turn the handle depending on whether you did a number 1 or 2.

That might be helpfull in the lady's room, but unless you enjoy peeing like a girl, I think there is only one setting for us.

But knowing the human population, there are some jackasses who do a #2 and flush a #1, missing some of the goods, and probably adding to the smell you were describing.
Squiddly said…
Nice bowl in the wall.. why dont they just have a mens room with a bunch of buckets lining the wall.. same thing right? Im not sure why companies try to think green, but target the bathrooms...the one place people DONT want to compromise.

In the Qwest building in seattle, they installed "low water" toilets.. then posted signs that say " because we are now using low water toilets, you may need to flush several times to make sure all particles have been removed"

um.. doesnt that contridict the purpose of low water toilet?
MGD said…
haha. The genius of large corporations. But at least now they get to say, "we use low flush toilets" even though they end up using the same amount of water in the.

you know, all this wouldn't be a problem if we would just stop peeing. I think we should ban water in offices. That way we are solving the problem at the begining. Oh, and no solid food either.