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Police Academy Dropouts # 21

For the most part I’d like to support our judicial system, considering it has allowed us to be a productive society for quite a while now. But having said that, I do wonder sometimes if it's the best system.

You might remember this story; back in 2006 Sean Bell was out celebrating his bachelor party. Outside a strip club that he and a couple of his buddies just exited, he was shot and killed by police. His friends were also shot but lived. I do believe that the men did something to provoke the police. In general, most cops don't start shooting without reason. But having said that, Bell and his friends all turned out to be unarmed after the bullets stopped flying. And by bullets, I mean 50 total bullets. That's right folks, not only did the 3 cops involved shoot him, they shot him a lot. And continued shooting. Each cop would have had to eject the clip in his gun, and re-load to shoot that many bullets.

The cops involved in the shooting were just acquitted. They weren't acquitted by a jury, but by the judge. Makes you wonder about our judicial system.

It's not often I side with the criminal, but it's even less often that I side with the police. The police, who in many cases are just as bad as the criminals.

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