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California Gay Marriage

The California State Supreme Court, recently ruled that the state constitution does not prevent same sex couples from being married. As of June 16th, gays and lesbians in California will be allowed to get married. As you can imagine all the right wing conservative douche bags are throwing a fit. They feel that they should be the only ones to get married, have affairs, and get divorced.

What are they doing about it? The right wing conservative douche bags, are pushing to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage. Just to be clear, I don't live in California, and I'm not gay. But, I do support equal rights, I (mostly) support peoples rights to choose how to live their own lives. I don't support (at all) the right wing conservative douche bags, who feel the need to try to control everyone else's lives. So look, if you live in California, tell the right wing conservative douche bag to fuck off. Let people get married if they want. And if you are a right wing conservative douche bag who has a problem with gay marriage, then don't go to the wedding.

Check out Equality for All for more information.


Anonymous said…
are you sure you're not gay? =)
MGD said…
Are you sure you aren't a P instead of an X?
Anonymous said…
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