Veep Drinking Game

Pay at the Pump

They came up with this great thing a many years ago, the ability to pay with your card at the gas pump. The idea around this is it allows the constumer to reduce time at the gas station by not having to go inside and deal with the clerk.

Cranky Monkey- (after waiting in line) I need my receipt
Severely in need of braces clerk – Which pump?
CM – Well, there are two cars out there. One of them is currently pumping gas and the other is done. Which one do you think?
Clerk – The one that’s done.
CM- Yep.
Clerk – (looking at computer trying to figure the correct pump out) It’s still easer to know the pump number
CM- It’s the Toyota Pickup (Pointing to my truck)
Clerk – Number 6.
CM- It wouldn’t be an issue if the pump printed a receipt.
Clerk – I’d replace it if I knew how. (Hands receipt to Cranky Monkey)
CM- Thanks. (Walks out)

This isn’t a new scenario. In fact I am generally more surprised when I actually get the receipt at the pump, as compared to when I need to go in the store. Which, of course, ruins the point of paying at the pump, because in the end, I still have to go inside and waste my time in line! F-you gas station clerk!


Rooster said…
That's why I don't get receipts for gas. They only serve as a reminder of how we are getting raped over the cost of oil.
MGD said…
well at least we can use the oil as lube to ease the pain