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Why Don't You Get Over It, You Old Bag

"Excuse me" I hear calling out from behind me.

I'm at the dog park walking my dog. As often happens I walk ahead as my dog lags behind, sniffing and pissing on everything she passes.

"Excuse me!" I turn around to see who's calling out."Is your dog okay?" she's asks.

I look to see an older lady with a dog of similar size to mine, holding her dog back while on a leash. It's apparent she's concerned that my dog might start a fight for some reason, even though I can clearly see my dog wagging her tail, and waiting for the lady to let her dog near mine. I quickly get irritated with the woman.

"She seems okay to me." I respond before turning to continue my walk.

What's the point in bringing your dog to a dog part if you don't want it to interact with other dogs? Or for that matter, what's the point in bringing your dog to an off leash dog park if you are going to keep it on a leash?

I turn again, and call my dog to me so that the old bag doesn't have a heart attack stressing about it. I continue my walk, with no further interaction with the woman. Near the entrance to the park is a large play area. I decide to hang out for a while and let my dog run around a bit. She pretty much just ignores the other dogs and does her own thing. But at least she's moving and working off some energy.

There is another man with a smaller dog who begins to walk down the trail, as the woman with the leashed dog comes back around. His dog runs up to hers and attempts to play with her dog. And from what I can see, her dog is attempting to play as well. Unfortunately the dog is being restrained by the old bag. The man, sensing the lack of interest the woman has with letting her dog interact, goes to grab his dog.

"She's getting over a bite." The woman says. "She got into a fight last week and is still apprehensive."

The guy asks if it was at this park or not, and the woman responds with, "no everyone at this park is nice." she continues to hurry towards the exit with her dog in tow.

As she walk past me she says, "Your dog seems fine, it's just that she's getting over a bite."

The thought of informing her that her dog didn’t appear to have any problems, and that maybe it was her that needs to get over last week’s attack, crosses my mind. But I doubt she would listen. So instead of speaking, I decide to stay silent with a disdainful look on my face as she continues to leave the park.


Anonymous said…
Next time let bella attack the dog and the old bag. Then one less looser at the park.
MGD said…
It’s a nice thought, but then I’d have to deal with the hassle of burying the bodies. And since it’s at a dog park, I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before another dog dug up a bone.