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Blog Therapy

I found this article on the Washington Post, which is about how bloggers are using blogs as therapy tools. Of course that got me thinking about this blog, and yeah it's totally like therapy! I get to rant and rave and piss people off, just like I do when I'm talking to people face to face!

Actually, at first I started reading the article thinking, cool. But then, as it went on, I thought about what kind of a society we are turning into. We are turning into a society that videos kids beating the crap out of one another. We are turning into a society that watches more reality shows full of dumbasses looking for a few minutes of fame. And we are turning into a society, that feels the need to tell every intimate detail of our lives everyone on the planet.

You want to know something, I don't care about your gastric bypass, and how you used it instead of getting your fat ass to the gym.

I promise you my cranky readers, that I will never talk about childhood trauma, personal family issues, or anything that I wouldn't want to hear others talk about. I will leave this blog as is; and talk about my work, ex-girlfriends, and my dog. Stuff that I'm sure you all totally care about….

Continue to enjoy, or fuck off! Whichever you prefer.

Look for next weeks posting - "The time my grade-school bus ran over my dog, traumatizing me into therapy, where I was molested by the hot blond therapist with the short skirt."


jade98155 said…
Thats fine but you can take your exgirlfriends off the list. :)
MGD said…
Ha! I couldn't do that, that's where some of my best anecdotes come from.