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Fish Monkey Fish

"Long-tailed macaque monkeys have a reputation for knowing how to find food — whether it be grabbing fruit from jungle trees or snatching a banana from a startled tourist." According to an article on, some monkeys in Thailand are learning to fish. It's not new for monkeys to fish, in fact scientist have witnessed other monkeys doing this. But this is new behavior for these specific monkeys. They aren't sure what prompted these particular monkeys to take up fishing. It "could be prompted by food shortages, droughts resulting in lower water levels that make it easier to catch fish, or habitat destruction that eliminates a key food source."

As we've witnessed by this blog, monkeys can inspire debate amongst conservatives and liberals. Monkeys can type and create coherent sentences, excluding the bad grammar. And now, we are witnessing the monkeys ability to evolve with the changing world around them.

What does all this prove? That monkeys are smarter than the average polar bear.