Freaks and Weirdoes = 2, Religious Nuts = 48

As we all know by now, California started allowing gay marriage this week. And to all of you religious nuts out there, look what happened... nothing. That's right, God didn't swipe his hand down and chop the state off into the ocean. Although, I'm sure that will be your justification next time they have an earthquake. Our children didn't strip all their clothes off, and start running around in the streets participating in huge orgies. And most importantly of all, the world didn't end.

What happened instead, is people who love each other were able to get married, and can now have extramarital affairs, and get divorced like the rest of us. They can also have what they’ve been wanting, equal treatment. And what does California get out of all this, millions and millions to boost it's economy. Sounds like good business to me.

So all you religious nuts, just back off, and find something else to use as an excuse to hate. Because after all, it's the people who think they are the moral authority, that cause the most trouble throughout the world. So go cause trouble somewhere else, and let these people be.