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Microsoft Goes Grey to Blue

I walked into work this week and noticed something had changed; the company went through and replaced all the standard grey recycling containers with blue ones. I’m guessing this change had to do with the employees not knowing which container was for what. Previously, the only way to tell was to read the side of the container, and at Microsoft, they have more important things do to besides read.

What I find funny about this, is by replacing all the recycling containers, they are creating thousands of containers that need to be disposed of. Assuming they recycle them, they are still having a negative impact on the environment, based on the energy used in creating the new ones, and recycling the old ones. And if they are tossing them into the landfill, well, I don’t need to comment on that one.

Good job Microsoft, way to take care of the planet. But hey, at least we can now trust the employees will start using the correct container for disposal.


Anonymous said…
I don't think the color was the problem. They could have just put pig recycle logos on the old ones and that would have sufficed.
MGD said…
True, but as we both know, that's way to simple of a solution for Microsoft.
Anonymous said…
Not only too simple, but much more inexpensive. You're right, it would never fly.