Zippy piggy

Last week I was driving home from work. I was cruising along, when I notice a cop speeding along past me in the carpool lane. The cop doesn’t have his lights on, and he driving just fast enough so that he’s speeding, but obviously not in a hurry to get to a emergency. As he driving along, already not obeying the speed limit, or the carpool limit, he comes up to a car that is obeying the laws. He gets tired of waiting for the car to move out of his way, and cuts over to the lane in front of me. But there is a white truck in that lane, so he moves to the lane to the right of that. "Maybe he’s getting off at the next exit I think," but no, as that lane slows down, he moves back over into my lane.

It’s at this point I grab my little camera. By this time the carpool lane as moved along, so that a couple of cars have gone past, and are now ahead of the cop, proving that if he would have just stayed in that lane, he’d be much further along.

As you can imagine, the cars that moved along ahead of him, in the afternoon traffic, had to slow down. So, he got impatient again, and cut back over to the right.

It was fun to watch this cop cut back and forth over and over again, in a feeble attempt to move ahead of the traffic, without just flipping on his lights and making traffic move for him. But, imagine if it were any one of us? And if a cop was sitting where I was watching from? What would that cop do? They’d pull us over and ticket us for speeding, driving alone in the carpool lane, and erratic driving.