Veep Drinking Game

Good Riddance

Finally, they will stop talking about the Sonics in Seattle. Okay, that might have been optimistic. Finally, they will stop talking about the Sonics so damn much in Seattle! The new owner and the city of Seattle have come to an agreement, and one of the lamest teams in the NBA is going away. Seattle is going to get a big pile of cash, and the team is going to move somewhere that people might actually go to the games. Now only if they would take a few of the lame-ass Seattle drivers with them.

Full Story on the Seattle PI


Anonymous said…
Oh, I am going to miss them soooo much. I watched every game and just love the integrety of the players as people our children can really look up to.

Sarcastic tone you say? Okay, I've only been to one Sonics game and that was with a group of Chinese people who wanted to see Yao Min from the other team.

Have fun in Oklahoma guys. I will try to continue my daily life with such a huge disruption.