I'm Fine Bitch, Back the Hell Off

Guys, do you ever get this from women, (because, it's usually women who do it) where they ask you "what's wrong," or "is everything okay," when everything is fine? And even if you tell them everything is fine, they still assume sometihng is wrong?

Let's say you are sitting at home and playing video games or surfing for porn on the computer, and a girl calls you up wanting to chat. Well obviously you don't want to chat, you are busy. But you don't want to say, "I'd rather play video games or look at hot Asian lesbians than talk to you, so instead, you just come across as aloof and non-talkative. The woman, just assumes something is wrong with you, and goes into chick mode trying to find out what and fix it.

How about the times you are hanging out with a girl, and you are tired from working extra hours, or whatever else is going on, you are not your usual happy-go-lucky entertaining self, and the woman picks up on your tiredness or even irritatedness, and assumes something is wrong. Instead of just leaving you alone or ignoring it, they dive in with, "what's wrong? You seem different today, what's the matter?"

Have you ever not called a girl back right away, and she assumes there is some hidden meaning behind it? How about this for a reason, "I was busy bitch!"

Have you ever been walking down the hall and pass someone and they say, "how's it going?" okay, guys do this one as well. But this is still irritating so I decided to bring it up here. When asked, you always say, "fine" or "okay". How nice would it be to go into a long rant about some total nonsense and teach the person a lesson never to do that again.

What I'm trying to say here ladies, and the occasional dude, is if something is the matter, and we feel it's something you need to know about odds are that we will tell you. So back the hell off!