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Post Office Genius

It's always been a toss up, as to which is worst the DMV or the Post Office. Yesterday, I decided the post office should move to the top of the list.

This last Sunday, I went to my local post office to mail two items. Both were in large envelopes. One was a disc of pictures in a CD case. This size and weight envelope, I've mailed a dozen times. The second was a video game, in an envelope a little larger than the first. I set each envelope individually on the automated postage machine, let it weigh, entered the delivery zip, and printed my stamps. The CD envelope actually cost more than the price I normally mail it at. I figured they must have raised the prices again, and didn't think much else of it. I dropped both envelopes in the box, with the paid stamps that were printed from the postal services machine.

Yesterday, I got home from work, went to check my mail, and both envelopes were in the box as return to sender due to not enough postage. Yes! That's right! According to the stamp on the front, I was 32cents short on each envelope. How the hell is this possible! I used their service, followed their instructions, and even paid more than I usually do, and still not enough money!!!!

I wanted to go down to the post office, but they were closed, so I decided just to add a stamp to each envelope, as the last time I was at the post office for another issue, it resulted in a physical brawl with the postal carrier and him loosing his job over it. This time though, it might have resulted in my arrest.

Any postal fuck-tards out there who read this blog, please feel free to comment and explain this to me, because I would love to know how this is possible. How is it that I could use your machine to print my stamp, and still not have enough postage!?!?!?!!?

Oh, and you punk kids out there, who vandalize peoples fences and personal houses. If you wouldn't mind re-directing that frustration at the postal service, I'd appreciate it.


Anonymous said…
Yea dude, with the huge lines and substandard employees, I typically use UPS or FedEx for stuff like that nowadays. I think we need a fine balance between social and private services, but anything that can be done by a company and not a government entity will be much more efficient and not that much more expensive.

They must have really ticked you off if you put them above the DMV, which is the essence of non-value adding bureaucratic crap.
MGD said…
well this isn't the first issue I've had with the post office. That's why they got bumped to the top.