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Seattle 20 Cent Bag Fee

I added a comment to the bottom of the last post, but I wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the night to protest the Seattle City Councils desire to make money off the typical grocery store shopper.
There are two issues for debate tonight:

Banning Styrofoam - This is an easy sell to the public, which is why they are trying to tie it in with the other. They are assuming we are stupid, (and unfortunately most are) and that since we hate Styrofoam we will agree to the other in association. But it is possible for them to ban this separate.

Adding a 20 cent charge to grocery bags- This is the more important issue, and should be protested like the Vietnam War. Yes, plastic bags are spoiling the oceans, and filling the dumps, and flying around all over the place. But a 20 cent fee is not the right solution. What it is, is the city trying to make money off the problem.
  • They say this will reduce the amount of bags thrown away by 50%. Yet they have no information as to how they came to that number. First of all, many people re-use these bags. Many people use them as garbage bags, so if they can't get the free ones, they will buy plastic garbage bags. So instead of grocery store bags going into the dump, bought bags are going to the dump.
  • Second, many people with pets use these for picking up poo. Some people are cheep and might not pick it up at all now. This will increase the poo being left where it shouldn't, and give good dog people a bad rep, and result in dogs being allowed in even less places than they currently are.
  • This leads to my next point. Little dog poo bags are biodegradable. Which means, it is possible to make a biodegradable bag that stores could use. Why doesn’t the city pass a law requiring stores to use them instead?!?!?!
  • Finally, plastic bags ARE recyclable. The city and these left wing nuts, are acting like these bags are destroying the planet. At last I heard the city of Seattle recycles 40% of its garbage. But the average plastic bag only gets recycled 1% of the time. what's the reason for this? people are lazy, that's why. If the city council really cared about this problem, they could very easily require that the curb side recycling take plastic bags along with the rest of the recycling. More people will be inclined to throw the bags into the big blue container, instead of making the effort to store them till the next shopping trip.