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Microsoft Finally Goes Green

A while back, I posted "Earth Day and Microsoft" about Microsoft using Styrofoam cups and plates. About a month ago, Microsoft finally decided to upgrade everything to more environmentally friendly products. They removed the Styrofoam waste containers and replaced them with ones for compostable products. They also removed the various boxes for paper, and replaced them with just one recyclable container. They also replaced all the Styrofoam products with paper products. They even replaced the plastic utensils with ones that can be thrown in the compost disposal. How Fab!

It's nice that Microsoft is finally deciding to lean towards more environmentally products. It's also nice how they realized most of the employees are to clueless to figure it out on their own by reading the sides of the containers. And they posted flyers all over the place. Printed, posters, and all kind of other labels that they've stuck all over the office, so the typical MS employee can figure out where to throw away stuff now.