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Anthrax Anyone?

Bruce Edwards Ivins
Remember the anthrax scare we had a few years back? Someone was mailing envelopes of it to government agencies, and the country was in a panic about the stuff? Remember how it stopped, but we never heard anything about the government catching the person? Well, that's because they didn't actually catch the person. Think about this; anthrax is a controlled substance. There are only a few places in the country that even has the stuff, and just about as many people who have access to it. The person used the postal service to mail it, which means the sending location can be narrowed down, assuming the person didn't fly across the country to drop the letters in the mail.

So this controlled substance, hard to find, few people with access, was able to be sent all over the place, and the FBI, our top cops weren't able to find the person. They did accuse one person of it, who ended up not being the right guy and ended up suing the FBI for about 5 million dollars.

Well for those of you who haven't heard, the actual (suspect) person who did the mailings, Bruce Ivins, killed himself last week. 7 years later they never actually charged a guy who worked as an anthrax researcher at the U.S. Army’s main biodefense laboratories at Fort Detrick, Md. I can kind of see why it would be hard for the FBI to think it was this guy though, after all, he was one of their resources during the search for the killer.

His therapist had a restraining order against the guy out of fear for her own life.

But more importantly, what have we learned from this? That anyone with half a brain can do whatever the hell they want because the FBI, police, and government overall are incompetent. If they couldn't catch and charge this guy with a crime; imagine what the rest of us could get away with. Criminals of the country, rise up! Get out there and do those bad deeds, and if you do them right, you will get away scot-free! Whoo Hoooo!!!!


Rooster said…
Not trying to bust your balls or anything, but it was too ironic not to mention. You spelled "incompetent" wrong.

I completely agree with your point though...
MGD said…
I blame spellcheck for that...