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BMW vs Triumph

Let me tell you a little story about my ride into work this morning. I'm cruising down the carpool lane and there isn't a lot of traffic. Since there is little traffic I'm going well above the speed limit. 70 in a 60 zone to be exact. Some guy in a dark red BMW comes up behind me, and eventually flies past me, I'm guessing he's doing 80. I don't think much of it, as he gets in front of me. I stare at the Obama stickers on the back of his car and think, "what a jackass for ruining such a nice car", as he eventually gets held up by the truck front of him due to the traffic getting thicker. I pretty much follow him the rest of the way.

We get towards the exit and he gets over way before I do, and I eventually start getting over. By this time, I had gotten in front since I stayed in the carpool lane longer. It's crowded and it's getting close to the exit, so I have to get in front of this guy to exit. I turn my signal on and as soon as I do, he does the asshole thing and speeds up. I cut over real quick anyway. He honks his horn at me. I'll admit I have a short temper as it is, and if had been in my truck I probably would have slammed on my breaks forcing my trailer hitch into the grill of his fancy car. But I was on my bike, so I didn't do anything.

The exit swings around onto a two lane road. The guy and the fat chick in the passenger seat start waiving their hands flipping me off.

Ok! Now I'm pissed! I race up ahead of them, cut in front of him and slam onto my breaks. I flip the kickstand down, and get off the bike. We start yelling. The ugly cow gets out of the passenger seat, but the guy just sits in his car and lets his woman do the arguing for him. The thought does cross my mind to start jumping on the hood of his car, but I'm still rational enough to know that my bike is in front if his car, and he'd probably hit the gas if I did that. During the fight I found out that the reason he was being such a jackass was, he was pissed about having to pass me on the highway. Apperantly my 70 was to slow for him.

The guy never did get out of his car, so a fight never actually broke out. I do miss the good old days (before my time) that a couple guys could pull into a parking lot and duke it out, instead of letting their women do the arguing for them. Especially when one of the guys is wearing a helmet with motorcycle gloves on.


MGD said…
I'm supprised she didn't.

She was out of the car, I was wondering at the time if it would have been acceptable to punch her if she attacks me first.
Anonymous said…
Typical eastside BMW "mee-too" car having technocratic little bitches. We'll fly in my piece of shiznit Corrola "esssss" next time and see what'sup.
MGD said…
yeah, well this blog is called the cranky monkey for a reason. And as mentioned, I was wearing a few layers of protection.