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California Taxes

This was sent from one of my cranky readers:

A friend of mine sent me some information about more taxes in California. I used to live in California and it Sucked! Not only are Californians snobby but they are always grumpy and complaining about everything but never do anything to make it better. Everyone is always way to busy and thinks someone else will step up. So my friend helped put a rally together to protest a new tax that will be on the ballot this fall. It's an increase in state taxes so they can put condom machines in the men's prison in Vacaville Cal. The prison is reporting a high outbreak of sexual transmitted diseases. So to stop this the only thing they can come up with is a safe sex campaign. For those of you who don't know Vacaville it's an armpit. The prison is high security because it holds death row inmates and the worst of the worst rapists and murderers. So here's the thing do these losers really need to have safe sex. Just let them butt fuck each other and kill each other off. However, once again nobody wants' to get involved of take the time from there "busy schedule" to get involved. My parents still live in Cal. around this area and won't even go, and they are about conservative as you can get.

So even though I feel sorry for my friend who has to pay so inmates can have safe sex. I say screw the rest of you. You deserve to pay and quite your bitching.

I'm in agreement with this reader. Another idea that they should consider is to slip antidepressants or some other sex drive reducing narcotic into the meals of the inmates. If they want to waste money, why not waste it in a way that reduces the sex drive all together. No erection, no butt sex.