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Rossi for G.O.P. Party

Here in Washington we are in the process of sending in our primary voter ballets. The ballot includes half a dozen names for governor, including our current governor and the person who lost last time around; Dino Rossi. Dino lost the last election in the same way Al Gore lost to Bush, by a few miscounted votes. But what Dino did differently than Gore, was he never shut up about it. He continued fighting in courts, and in the news, and everywhere else he could find. Gore actually took the higher road and when the decision was made, stepped aside. He also didn't force us to vote for or against him in the next election, like Rossi is doing this time around.

Rossi is running for governor again this fall, and this time I hope he looses badly and gets the hint to go away. I believe that a Republican governor might not be a bad idea for this state, and I dislike our current governor Chris Gregoire as much as everyone else, but don't believe that a cry baby looser is the way to go about it.

For those voting this primary, think about it like this: We have two Republicans on the ballot. One of them has listed as his preferred party "Republican Party". Which is an actual political party. Rossi on the other hand has listed under his preferred party "G.O.P party".

Dino F.Y.I. - G.O.P. is a reference to the Republican Party but it's not actually the name of the party. And I'm no grammar expert, but by G.O.P party you are actually saying Grand Old Party party, which makes you sound like a fucking retard.


Rooster said…
I have a couple points to make here:

1) For Governor, we are again forced into into a choice between the lesser of two evils.
2) I agree it would be good to have a Republican for Governor. Why? Because our inflation rate is astronomical and we need a little "take that economy down a notch" approach. Republicans are good for that (Reference: GWB's war deficit - it killed our economy).
3) Gore didn't just shut up and take it, rather he did fight for a recount. The correct statement would have been "Gore shut up in less amount of time than Dino".
4) We're all f***ed. Anyway you look at it.

Also, I would like to point out that most of our careers, which you and I have shared between the same telecommunications and software companies, we have both worked in what we have called the "The Department of Redundancy Department", so... what's your problem with "Grand Old Party Party"?
MGD said…
Good points.