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Word of The Day

The N-word: This has a long-standing history of offensiveness unless you are black. If you are black it's apparently totally appropriate to use it. I also believe it's appropriate for anyone to use nigga depending on the context. For example when a skinny white boy is trying to be cool by saying, "Yo nigga beeitch what up!" but then again, I could be wrong on that.

The C-word: Apparently women find this one offensive, so it's not okay to use when referring to anyone. Unless you are British. Many Brits use this regularly when talking to friends, so it's acceptable for them. Personally, I prefer snatch, as it just sounds funny when saying it.

And now the R-word: According to the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), it is now offensive to say retard. They are so offended by its use in the movie Tropic Thunder, that the AAPD is attempting to boycott the movie. Which is fantastic if you ask me, because as we all know when that happens it only promotes the movie and increases tickets sales. But it does set a standard that the movie studios might follow, by cutting retard from scripts.

On this list, I can get behind not using the N-word. It has a long-standing history of offensiveness. So the next time you are talking to some retarded nigger cunt, just call them a retarded cunt. But, let's not give in to the political correctness sweeping the nation. Let's stop with the banning of inappropriate language, and in fact, promote it. The next time you are in a meeting, swear and say whatever comes to mind. Or if you don't have the balls for that, just sing a few bars of "Alice's Restaurant" in a form of semi-silent rebellion to the man.


MGD said…
When I worked at AT&T we were forced to take a class on political correctness in the office place, and were told to use “differently abled” when referring to the handicap. And calling someone a vagina just doesn’t sound as cool as calling someone a cunt. And I’m glad I have a penis because it means I can pee standing up, into the bushes when camping.
Squiddly said…
I'd like the history behind Cunt. Can you provide that for me? im just curious as to how that one got started. is it like Snatch or Dick.. were they just made up?
HEY.. new blog for you..where did they come from???