Veep Drinking Game

Door Knob #1 or Door Knob # 2

Here is Washington the governor is up for re-election. We've had a difficult choice this year because we have to decide which one we hate less. As it turns not, it is the exact same choice we had the last time around. Basically, the Republican candidate lost, but by such a narrow margin that he has decided to give it another try.

Door #1 leads to our current governor Democrat Christine Gregoire. As far as I know, she's probably one of the least liked Washington governors in recent history. She's shown that she will provide favors for whoever puts the most money in her pocket and generally spouts off nonsense every chance she gets. She can barely make decisions and that's usually only when she is forced to. Beyond that, she doesn't commit to anything in an attempt to be as non-committal of a politician as possible. On the plus side, the state hasn't broken off and fallen into the ocean while she has been governor.

Door # 2 leads to challenger Dino Rossi. Rossi actually lost the election last time, but wouldn't give up. After loosing he challenged the results in court, and just totally held up the process with his unwillingness to accept defeat. He has also decided to try to distance himself from the Republican party by running under the heading of G.O.P Party. Besides sounding like a dumb ass for saying Grand Old Party Party, it's kind of a pussy thing to do. If he's a Republican then he should be proud of it, not try to hide it, just because people don't like Republicans right now. Another irritating thing about Rossi is the number of trees that have died during his campaign. I've received a lot of crap mail lately by candidates trying to get my vote, but none have mailed me as much crap as Rossi has. And being the environmentalist that I am, that pisses me off more than anything. On the plus side, he's not Christine Gregoire.

A friend of mine has suggested we all vote for Uzumma the baby gorilla at Woodland Park Zoo. In thinking about it, I'd rather have a gorilla in office over a couple of knobs, so why not. Uzumma the baby gorilla it is!