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Dumb NASA Very Dumb

This is why the American government is dumb, and the government agencies within it are equally dumb.

NASA is always complaining about the billions of dollars needed to fund its various endeavors. We currently fly space shuttles with empty seats, back and forth to the international space station. Yet, we don't allow tourist to pay for rides. Russia on the other hand, just sent another tourist Richard Garriott to the international space station for a mere 30 million dollars.

NASA wake up you dumb fucks and start offering this shit. Or even better, start a lottery. People across the country can buy a 1 dollar tickets, and win a ride. You'd make millions. You pick 3, so there are backups in case anyone fails, and use the money to fix Hubble.

"Tourist reaches space station"


Anonymous said…
raffle *win*
Anonymous said…
Werd! You know, this is not the 1960's any more. I don't see a problem with willing tourists helping fund a very stagnant space program. We should have a a base on Mars by now.