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Lazy Microsoft Janitors

I walked into the office this morning and something didn't seem quite right. I walked into my office and noticed something wasn't quite right, the lights were on. I usually have one light on and the other off, and I turn them both off when I leave at night. I didn't use my office at all yesterday, so at first I thought maybe the person who did left them both on.

After starting my laptop I then went to the break room to make myself a warm liquid caffeinated drink. It's at this point of walking through the halls that I realize what wasn't quite right, all the lights were on, in every office, even the empty ones. I also notice that all the garbage and recycle containers are in the hallway.

What happened is the lazy ass janitors did their job, but didn't bother turning the lights off or put the garbage containers back into the offices. I've noticed the garbage thing before. They regularly walk the halls, dump the smaller ones into the large one they wheel around, but this is the first time they have left all the lights on. Don't they know Microsoft has to pay that electric bill? Don't they know how irritating it is for me to have to move the garbage and recycling from the hall into the office? Lazy Bastards!


Rooster said…
LMAO! "lazy bastards [make me move a garbage can 2 feet and flip 2 light switches]!"

Actually, I was the guy who used your office, but never even turned the lights on, so it's confirmed, lazy janitors.
MGD said…
Damn right! Not only 2 feet, but around the corner from outside the office to the inside.