Veep Drinking Game

Low Expectations

As most of us know the vice presidential debate was last night, and now all the pundits and new agencies are talking about it. What are they saying of course is that Sarah Palin did well… Of course she did! It's not like she didn't have weeks to train, advisers, and speech writers to tell her what to say to each of the questions she knew she would be getting. Now all the conservatives out there are going to be saying, "see told you she can do the job." Give me a break. When the expectations are so low for someone, that all they need to do is show up to look good, that does not mean a person is qualified to be vice president.


Anonymous said…
When you are expecting dog crap, and you get cow crap instead, you say "well hey, at least cow crap is not as smelly and its also kind of usefull as fire fuel when dried". It is a sad state of affairs when the VP nominee does well in a debate merely because she didn't make a complete ass clown of herself.

Despite this, she still lost. Although an elequent public speaker, she obviously had a portfolio of modular mini speaches that she drew from. Regardless of the question, it all came back to energy and other predefined talking points. And the folksy, "down-to-earth" talk is great for "Joe Sixpack", but we "elitest" who have a fair amount of education and open minds felt insulted. The last thing we need is more nation leaders talking down to their constituents.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and by the way, if I reffered to the common woman as "Suzy Homemaker", I might be accused of sexism. Profiling the average American man as "Joe Sixpack", a guy who is guzzling beer and watching boxing while mom takes the kids to the hockey game, is insulting. This may be the average Joe in Alaska, but doesn't represent my averageness one bit.