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A Dreamy Morning

It's kind of messed up what we force ourselves to do every morning. We usually start it off with the sound of an alarm clock, forcing us to do something our bodies don't want to do, which is wake up. Since we are waking up earlier than we should, we then spend the rest of the morning in a half awake daze just walking through a routine. We shower, get ready, maybe eat, and drive to work. Then when we get to work, sit down, and actually wake up, we realize that we don't remember everything we did that morning. Then the anxiety kicks in, "Did I feed the dog?", "Did I shut and lock the door?", "Am I wearing pants?" All of which really sucks if you have to drive an hour to find out the answer to two of those questions. So instead, you just spend the day wondering how pissed your dog is going to be when you get home, assuming the dog is still there.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe that she would let you out the door if you didn't feed her. :)
I'm glad to know you wore pants only make that mistake once. ;)
MGD said…
It's ok if I didn't wear pants, I work at Microsoft, they have a pretty laxed dress code.
Anonymous said…
Mornings firkin' suck, and I don't get to work till 10 or so most times.