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The Pendulum Has Swung

Last night the country voted Barack Obama the next president of the United States. It's not often that I get impressed with this country. Usually, I'm sickened with the conservative movement holding all the sway, but I'd like to think of this as the beginning on a new era for this country, a new era that I will look forward to being the part of.

America is a country of opposites, always leaning towards one side or the other. During the 60's and 70's it was about free love, women's liberation, and of course racial equality. Beginning in the 80's the conservative movement picked up speed, and Americans became scared of the rest of the world. Last night the country has moved again. Having traveled outside of the U.S., I've experienced the shame that goes along with acknowledging the country of my origin, and listened to people speak about the war mongering and hate they perceive in us. With last nights election, hopefully soon that perception will change.

Barack is a politician after all, so change won't be as sweeping as some expect or anticipate. All the president can do is set the standard, he leads and allows those in his administration to manage this country is a positive or negative light. We've seen with the Bush administration what the negative light looks like. With the Obama administration, I have faith in a brighter outlook. With this elections, I'd like to expect less of the fear mongering our elected officials have used over the past, and maybe a little more hope. After all, hope was the spirit of his campaign.


Anonymous said…
...I think i have a crush on the new president... is that gross? :) But seriously...his words last night were the epitome of what we keep saying we stand it's time we have a chance to prove to the world we actually can take a step forward (out of the dark ages).

...and to all those slackers (you know who you are) that threatened to move out of the country if Obama was elected...can I help you pack? :P