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Proposition 8 Yes from California Voters???

This was sent to me from a cranky women out there who is as pissed as I am, that on the same night they voted for the first black president, California voters also approved Prop 8 banning gay marriage. Segregation isn't just about race, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can take the next evolutionary step as a nation.

I just don’t get it? If someone was to say to me that I could not get married because I wanted to marry a man, it would be unfathomable? I don’t understand why people fight so hard to take away basic legal rights from a committed couple? They are not doing anything to religious people, they are not trying to infringe on their legal rights for tax purposes, power of attorney laws and families. I heard they spent record numbers on this proposition for what; because religious people are scared that their beliefs are being dumped on? If two people want to get married why not just let them…who’s it hurting? I have heard arguments it’s hurting the foundation of marriage for families. What about the children in which are from same sex parents? What about them. I can only hope with Barack Obama, freedom for every American citizen can be granted within our lifetimes.