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Snot Salad

This was sent from a cranky reader...

O.K so at lunch today I totally pulled a Cranky Monkey. I was at The California Pizza Kitchen a nice restaurant but nothing fancy. I was sitting at the bar by myself just watching everything that goes on in the kitchen area and the bar. The bar faces the work station for the kitchen so you can see everything that goes on while they prepare your food. So I am talking to one of the girls that works there (very cute) anyway notice quite a few times that she blows her nose. She obviously uses a Kleenex but does not wash her hands when she's done. This kind of bothers me but oh well. Then I notice while she is making my salad she wipes her nose with her hand. She not only does this once but twice while making my salad. She brings it over to me and sets it down in front of me. I look at her and ask her if I could have another one. She looks at me like I'm stupid. She said, "is that not what you wanted" I say, "yes however, I watched you make it and for health reasons I would love to have a new one." The manager hears me and comes over. I explain to him the issue. I try to do this in a private matter but the girl (who is not cute anymore) keeps butting in. He apologizes and makes me a new one himself. I should have got it to go because the entire time I ate she stared at me.

So disgusting. I don't want her snot in my food. What happened to washing your hands after touching your face.