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Annual Christmas Blog

"Hey, we were all looking at your blog and no Christmas blogs yet. This time last year you had already done a few about this joyful holiday you love so much."

It's true, I haven't done a post yet this year about my favorite holiday. There are a few reasons that could having something to do with it:
  1. I haven't had the time to write a post about the holiday
  2. I haven't had the motivation to write a post about the holiday
  3. Or maybe, I've said all I wanted to say about this waste of a day in previous posts. As you mentioned reading them, then you know how I feel about the damn holiday.

But, since you asked, here it is, my Christmas blog post... Shut your fruit cake filled snatch, and go hang some lights after a few eggnogs, on a really high tree, you reindeer shit soaked holiday sap.


MGD said…
2" dick. Assuming all things are proportional on elves, I would imagine that to be an impressive thing… you know, compared to other elves… not that I would know about 2” dicks or anything…