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Government Bailout for Two

There has been a lot of talk over the past month about the big three auto companies, asking Congress for a bailout similar to what the banks have received. The whole subject of bailouts pisses me off as it does most people. If any of the rest of us were to run our businesses into the ground, we wouldn't get a thing. But, since these companies have such a large effect on the economy, they get government money. And I'm sure the big three will get something this week as they meet with Congress again.


It's nice to hear that they have wised up a bit and decided not to fly in their corporate jets to Washington this time around. And I'm impressed with the CEO of Ford who is willing to forgo his salary next year. Even though I'm sure other compensation will be available.

So on the subject of the bailout, I've decided they should provide loans to Ford and Chrysler, and let GM go bankrupt. Why am I picking on GM? First of all, they have crappy cars. At least Ford makes a decent truck, the Mustang, and a few other good cars. They also own Volvo a great car on its own. Ford has also said they might not need the bailout and might be able to survive without it. Chrysler makes a few decent vehicles as well, namely the Jeep brand. Another reason I don't mind GM going out is, they had the EV1 in California in the 90s. An all-electric car that people loved, but GM decided to recall it. Choosing gas over electric. And finally, I once heard an interview with the CEO of GM, and the guy is an idiot. It was a semi-quiz show, and he didn't get any answers right and didn't even seem to care or try to get them right.

So Congress, listen to the monkey and save two and let one die as a lesson to the other two.