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It Was The Saturday Before Christmas

Since it was asked of me to do a Christmas post, and I know how much you all love them, I held on to this one in the proverbial oven.

It was the Saturday before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, because all were at the mall

The parking lot was full, and jammed with SUV's, as soccer moms scurried and hurried, for the latest plasma TV's

People screamed and hollered with delight, as that last parking spot opened on the right

But alas it was to no avail, as they were to slow and all they got, was a BMW that beat them to the spot

With a cry and a scream, they flipped that jackass the bird, who only turned and smiled, and left with an unheard word

Inside the mall it was a great massive flurry, as the people where all in a great big hurry

They didn't care who got in the way, all that matter was to be ahead of the fray

Little boy Yates needed the latest video game, to kill all his friends with vibrate control, 3D interactive, Bluetooth headset, multi-player online, full of gore and gun's and fun and maim

Around the corner and through the isle, they ducked weaved and scurried with a fake smile

Waiting in line, desperation grew along with the time, they knew were they parked, it could end in a fine

The crowds grew larger and the walls grew thin, the angst and apprehension could no longer be held in

What was the wait, they could see the checker was there, but noticed that she didn't seem to have a care

The line slowed and held stagnant, if it only weren't for the hidden magnet

Run through the door, the thought crossed the mind, would anyone notice, whisking across the floor

But no, in the line we stood and waited like one should, for Santa wouldn't be to happy if he knew how we plundered the goods

Waited and waited, just like a monkey should, for Christmas would soon be there but gone not for good