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Microsoft Redmond vs Fargo in The Snow

I pulled this off the Seattle PI this morning. It's someone at the Microsoft's Fargo campus responding to the Redmond campus practically shutting down since it started snowing last week.

taking a snow day
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Due to normal cold weather and heavy snowfall the Microsoft Facilities in Fargo, including satellite areas (ABC, DEF, and GHI) will have NO SERVICES INTERUPTED due to Snow/Ice conditions in the local area.
Effective For: Thursday, December 18, 2008 through the end of April
Please exercise normal caution driving and walking on campus as you are more likely to be attacked by a bunny than slip and fall on the ice.
Shuttle: Campus shuttles will not be operating because there is no such thing as a campus shuttle in Fargo.
Facilities Maintenance Response: A full maintenance staff is at work on campus today.
Security: Corporate Security advises its services will remain available to the campus. If you need assistance, stop by the office and wake them up.
Parking: Park as usual, the snow plow drivers will just plow around you. You're all capable of driving on snow/ice so plowing will be limited.
Connectivity: You shouldn't have any connectivity issues because you're expected to be at work.

We only had 10" of snow and 40mph wind.
Area Roads: In light of the continuing snowfall and icy road conditions, most local roads are snow-covered and slippery and will remain that way until March. For information on current road conditions, please look out the window.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Microsoft Real Estate & Facilities

An aside:
Current conditions in Fargo (-4 degrees, partly cloudy)
Current conditions in Redmond (34 degrees, cloudy)

Since I work at the Redmond campus, I will admit that I haven't gone into the office since last Wednesday. Sure I could drive into work, I did grow up in Spokane where snow is measured in feet not inches. I also have a vehicle with good tires on it, and most importantly, I'm not a totally retarded driver like most Seattleites in the snow. But, if everyone else who works for Microsoft wants to use the snow as an excuse, I might as well too. After all, we have hills in Seattle. Apparently, we are the only city in the world with hills that gets snow (insert sarcasm). But really, most Pacific Northwest drivers don't actually know how to drive on show so it is probably a good thing they stay home. The two types of snow drivers we have are the ones with 4-wheel drive but don't know how to use it properly. And the other type are the ones with fancy two week drive sports cars who shouldn't be out in the weather. 

Fargo on the other hand, is used to snow. In the same way Spokane drivers are used to it.