Veep Drinking Game

Clueless Delivery People

Example 1:
Sitting in my office

Knock, knock
Me: Come in?
Person: Delivery for Javier.
Me: This is a vacant office and has been for a long time.
Person: So you’re not Javier
Me: (thinking, do I look like a Javier that would order a deliver to a vacant office) No

Example 2:
Walking back to my office, I come across the delivery girl with a stack full of boxes on a cart. She is standing next to it, typing on her delivery record. I stop, because she is blocking the hallway. She looks up to me, and takes a half a step, that I'm assuming is supposed to allow me enough room to walk past her. I might be skinny but I'm not that thin. So I open my arms and give her a look like, what do you want me to do. She then move again, giving me enough room.

Her: "Are you (enter some name here)?"
Me: "Nope, your just in my way" I say as I walk past.