Veep Drinking Game

The Great Black Hope

Tomorrow we will finally get rid of the Bush and enter a new era of no Bush. Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, and as every news reporter feels the need to point out, also the first black president of The United States. I'd like to make a correction to all the news reporters, he's the first half black president of The United States. Besides the fact that I don't really care about his race, he's not black, he's got a little cream mixed in his coffee. So can we get off the race, and move on with actually hopefully having a president who speaks clear English, and is intelligent, and will hopefully dig us out of this pit of Bush we've been in over the past eight years….


Rooster said…
Ya, not fully black. Half black. This country is taking baby steps. Next up, KANYE WEST 2012!!!!

Just kidding. I'd never vote for that douche.