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House Blocks Digital TV Postponement

It's not to often that I agree with republicans on a subject, but today I do. As most of us know, February 12th is the day that analog TV signals will be shut off, forcing everyone over to digital. The Obama administration attempted to push through a postponement, giving till June for the switch over. But when the bill reached the House of Representatives, it didn't get the 2/3rds vote to pass, which means, move on to real policy and subjects. If some poor-assed person,  hasn't forked up the 40 bucks needed to get a converter box, then screw them. It's just TV, some people actually choose not to have a TV. That's right, they read, watch movies, or do something besides sit inside the house staring at a box of images. 

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Seattle Freeze said…
Uh...and plus-haven't we been seeing 'commercials' for this for over a year now? You for sites that you can go and get a converter and such... I agree CM! On to more important topics! stimulus benefits!