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Sent from a cranky reader...It's stories like this, that I'm surprised more people haven't gone postal at the DMV. I think one of the requirements for being hired is you have to be partially retarted.

So, people always complain about the DMV and I have always listen but have never really had a problem, until this week.

Last weekend I took a motorcycle safety class. The class was given by Theiseen in Everett (highly recommend this class) When you pass the class you get a certificate of completion which you take to the DMV and they will give you a motorcycle license. By taking this class you do not have to take the test at the DMV. On Tuesday I drag a friend down there with me to get my license. We wait for about 45 min. which really is not bad considering. They call my number and I walk up and show the lady my certificate of completion for my class. I ask how much it is for a license and she asks me for my certificate for the class. I push it closer to her since I had already showed her and it was laying on the counter right fucking in front of her. Again, she asks me for my certificate. I look at my friend and starting laughing a little. I point to the certificate and tell the lady it's right here. She rolls her eyes at me like I am the stupid one and say's I can take the test her at the DMV or bring in the right paperwork proving I took a safety class. I tell her I am a little confused on what kind of paperwork she is looking for. The certificate I am showing say's Completion of Motorcycle Safety Class given my Theissen Dated Feb. 22 2009. What else do I need. She then won't even talk to me anymore. She waves me on and tells me not to come back until I am prepared with my paperwork. My friend grabs me by the arm and drags me out because she could see I was just about ready to loose it. What a Bitch! I am going back next Tues. with the same certificate but going to wait for a different person. I do hope she it there because I am going to go off when I get my license with the same paperwork I had with her. So see you next week Bitch!