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Lazy at the Gym

You drive into a parking lot at a store, and you notice a car sitting with the driver waiting for a spot to open up. They are usually towards the front of the parking lot, waiting for a good spot, instead of parking at the other end of the lot and walking a little further. Have you ever seen this person, or maybe you've been this person?

How about this; have you ever been to the gym and seen the same thing, or been that person. Same exact situation, the person is sitting in the car, engine running just waiting for someone to come out so they can take that spot.

Ok, I can accept being so lazy you don't want to carry your groceries to the other end of the parking lot, but being so lazy you can't walk to the door of the gym?!?! The gym that you are going to run in place for 30 minutes straight at!


Seattle Freeze said…
Sorry I didn't see you behind me. ;)