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Let the Postal Service Go Away

The Postmaster General is in Washington this week, again, asking congress for help. He is pointing out that the agency lost $2.8 billion dollars last year. His request to congress is to move from a 6 day a week delivery schedule to a 5 day a week schedule, in order to reduce cost.

What's interesting about this, is that congress is hesitant to make the reduction. This is just another example of how out of touch many of our government representatives actually are. According to MSNBC, subcommittee chairman Stephen F. Lynch, D-Mass. said, "the financial stability of the Postal Service is 'critical to the American expectation of affordable six-day mail delivery.'" Really! Does anyone really care if the postal service delivers 6 days a week?!?! Most everything these days can be done via the internet, so we don't really need to mail letters or bills, and loosing one day a week isn't going to have that huge of an effect on when I get my bills. In fact, I'd say moving to a 5 day week is a benefit, because that's one less day of worthless junk mail I will be getting. The only other reason people use the postal service is for shipping packages, but as anyone can attest, shipping through the postal service is a lesson in frustration. They never have enough people working and the line is usually out the door. So why would anyone want to give them money to ship packages, after waiting in line and receiving crappy rude service, when UPS and FedEx do the same thing with less frustration, is beyond me.

So listen to the Cranky Monkey congress, let them reduce the days from 6 to 5, or for that matter let them take it down to 4 days. The postal service is an outdated bureaucratic system that needs to get with the times or just go away.


Anonymous said…
I've always seen the post office as glorified welfare for blacks. The USPS has too many black "workers." It's an entitlement for them at least so in Florida. The postal service hired way too many blacks ever since end of Vietnam War. Bunch of people who want a good job but have no intention of working that's what they are.
MGD said…
I've been to Florida Lyn and there postal system is just as messed up as ours is here in Seattle, and the majority of our postal carriers are white. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the system in which they work that allows for incompetence without recourse.
Seattle Freeze said…
Wow...while I agree about the USPS thing you blogged about, I'm only commenting because I seriously can't believe that someone (in this day and age) would blame ANYTHING on the color of a person's skin!

We have a BLACK PRESIDENT and he's doing a hell of a lot better than that white guy we had in office a few months ago! (what was his name?)
What's next-women's suffrage? :P

To tell you the truth, I think people use those stupid excuses because they don't have a more intelligent argument...I'm just sayin'....