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The New 7 Deadly Sins

We are now, one year into the new 7 modern mortal sins that the Vatican updated last March. The traditional seven deadly sins are out of date, and very personal centric, according to the Catholic word on the street. So the new 7 modern mortal sins are social sins, to bring the list into line with the temptations of the modern world. The additions include: bioethical sins, morally dubious experiments that harm human embryos, drug abuse, polluting, social injustice, accumulating excessive wealth and creating poverty.

I've always said that those jackasses throwing trash out the car window should go to hell, so it's nice to see that they now will go to hell. I do think the last two are a little odd for the catholic religion to have on the list, considering the catholic church is one of the richest in the world.

For the full story check out BBC News