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Police Academy Dropouts

This was sent from my cranky buddy

In honor of Cranky Monkey’s classic series “Police Academy Dropouts”, I found it appropriate to submit this blog via the master Monkey himself. I may be Rooster, but I’m not a cock.
Anyway, this morning I was on my way to work when I ran into a bit of a traffic jam. Looking ahead, I notice a little Chevy Cavalier rear-ended a Jeep Cherokee. It was pretty bad. The Chevy was smashed to the point that it was nearly ¼ shorter then it would have been prior to the accident.

I usually try to be the Good Samaritan by calling for help if needed, but then I see that Washington State Patrol is about 50 away from the accident. I think to myself, “Oh, he’s already on it.”

No he wasn’t.

I rolled past him just to find that he was sitting there, reading a magazine and picking his nose, literally.

Observing the situation at hand, this means this cop was sitting there for a while, most likely being present before the accident happened. There is no way this cop didn’t hear the accident.
Completely ignoring his duties, the cop chose to sit there reading a magazine and go nose-goblin hunting.

Our President has set up multi-billion stimulus bills and efforts to stop frivolous government spending, and his efforts are being thwarted by this Police Academy Dropout. Our tax dollars are being wasted on this douche bag of a public servant.

I’m quite patriotic, but it’s situations like this that make me a little less likely to admit to other countries that I’m a proud American.