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"There is No Racial Bigotry Here"

There are quite a few levels of malice I like to promote here at The Cranky Monkey. Most prominently I like to rant (and allow others to rant) about religion, politics, and occasionally ignorant rednecks. One of the things I tend to avoid though, is racial bigotry. I do think it’s a valid complaint that many of our laws and rules are in place that will allow someone of a race to receive an advantage over another equal or more qualified person. But that has nothing to do with that person as an individual, it has to do with a broader issue of how outdated racial equality laws are still in place.

Yesterday, I posted on the fucked up postal system and it's need for a complete revamping. I received a response to that post by someone named Lyn who runs a site called From Wembley Park. Judging by the rainbow color scheme, at first I thought it was a "gay and proud" website, but it only took to second to see that it is a site dedicated to the "greatness" of the paler skinned citizens of this country.

As a general rule, I like to allow everyone the opportunity to respond to my posts as long as they have something to say, even though I might disagree with them. I'm not going to delete Lyn's comment and I'm even going to summarize it for everyone; the cause of our postal problems has to due with the race of the employees at the post office.

Lyn is from Florida and the postal system is just as messed up as ours is here in Seattle. The majority of our postal carriers are white up here in the northwest. So with a little basic logical reasoning, I can see that the problem with the postal service has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the system in which they work that allows for incompetence without recourse.

In response to Lyn's attempt at promoting ignorance to the masses via the internet; the highest paid woman in the entertainment industry is Oprah, one of the highest paid actors is Will Smith, and the president of this great country is Barack Obama. The country has changed, and will continue to change thanks to education and people like you growing old and dying. Or sticking your head in a gas oven, just saying, it's an option.

Oh, and here is one more thing you are just going to hate Lyn: projections show that by the year 2050, whites will no longer be the majority of population in the United States. So you might want to consider learning to love that brown cock, especially down there in Florida.


MGD said…
Oh yes… I’ve got a vast readership of angry spiteful people whom I’ve never met.