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Bothell Takes my money

Sent from a cranky reader, about the lameness of Bothell WA.

So I go and get my mail today and in there is a bill from the city of Bothell. I was sent a bill in December I guess for maintenance of street lights and yearly up keep. I don't remember getting this bill but whatever. The letter said I owe $197.00 and if not sent in by April 13 I would be send to collections. First of all I don't ever remember being asked about replacing the street lights or paying for the up keep. Is that not what my taxes are for. I have lived in Bothell for 4 years and have never received a bill like this. I call the city to find out about this and was told the city has so much highway maintenance this year that it was voted on to pass some the maintenance cost along to the residence of Bothell. I say bull shit. I never voted on anything or was even asked my opinion. I can write to city hall and the major and voice my concerns and options, a lot of good that will do.

I was in Arizona this January and they don't even have street lights that are on all the time. At that time I thought it was kind of strange but now I must admit I am all for it. Imagine we could save energy, look at the stars and save $197.00. Every day I think maybe moving to the boonies and living the simple life might not be so bad.


Seattle Freeze said…
Unfortunately...Bothell is considered 'the boonies' (to Seattle-ites, that is).

I'd say fight it! At least for the principle of it.
Christian said…
Come up and join us in the boonies .... more stars, better air, no streetlights
Seattle Freeze said…
See...I can say that because I'm livin' it. Edmonds rocks but to my Seattle friends, it's 'too far'! Ugh.