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Cancel That Time Warner Cable

According to a report on MSNBC, "Time Warner, the nation's third-largest Internet service provider, in its five experimental markets if offering five gigabytes of downloaded Internet content for $29.95 per month." For those people who watch a lot of internet TV, Netflix, or play a lot of online gaming, they will be paying an additional fee on top of that when they exceed the limit. AT&T has also started trials with the service. So far, Comcast only notifies its' users when they exceed 250 GB, but doesn't charge them. And Verizon hasn't tried such fees, so as consumers we have to tell these providers what we want. If we accept these fees from Time Warner and AT&T, the others might start doing it. But, if the people who have service with either of those two start canceling, all the providers will get the hint and not try lame assed ways like this to charge us money.

So don't accept these plans people! Let's nip this in the bud, and teach these companies we like our unlimited service plans. Especially as our internet usage increases.

Update: After I posted about this my friend who blogs at Seattle Freeze, sent me a link that Time Warner has backed off on metered billing. That's right, big business, don't mess with a cranky monkey, I'll take you down...


Seattle Freeze said…
I read something about this the other day and thought 'wtf? how can they possibly think people would fall for this'?

I agree! God forbid Comcast join their ranks...they already suck. :P