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never go to the shell station on 164th and ash way!!!!!

Today's cranky contribution was forwarded to me via e-mail about the Shell station in Lynnwood off I-5 and 164th ST, west side of HWY. I know the station she is talking about, but have never used it as there are other stations in the vicinity with lower priced gas.

I had the worst night last night. I left work, and stopped at the shell station that is right by the freeway entrance. I tried to put my card in but it didn't take it, so I went in and pre-paid. I go back to the pump, and it won't start, so I try to put it back and sort of re-set it. still doesn't work. I go inside and wait in line and then when it's my turn I asked him for help - he doesn't say one word to me, just walks out from behind his counter and walk out to the pump, presses a few buttons, and runs back inside. still hasn't said a word. so I assume that it's fixed. nope. so I got back inside, wait in line again and ask for my money back. doesn't say one word to me, walks out from behind the counter and starts going towards my car and the pump, so I say - look, I am done, I want my money back and I am just going to go somewhere else. so he says - i am trying to help you. and I said, well I asked for help already and you couldn't do it, so I just want to go somewhere else. and he says - I had customers that I had to help. so I said 'I know, I am a customer too and I asked for help before all these people got here and I paid before all of them too-you think that you could've helped me first when I asked. I just want my money back' So then he says 'fine -go somewhere else like the f***** c*** that you are'

So, I follow him into the store and I said you cannot talk to people like that! all I did was ask for help and you didn't do it, so I want my money back, you have no right to say to me or to anyone. and he says - well you walk in here and are all rude to me. I said - how is it rude for me to ask for help at the pump that is not working, and then when it doesn't get fixed to just ask for my money back! how is that rude? So then, of course, he has nothing to say. gives me a reciept back and then I said 'what is your managers number, I want to call them right now' he says - he'll be in at 430 in the morning, so I said okay what's your name. 'i am not giving you my name' fine. thanks bye. I am livid.

I called _ and I was can people be like that!?! Seriously!! So, I went in this morning to talk to the manager - I said 'Hi, are you the manager or owner?' He said 'Oh are you the girl that had a problem in here last night' and then basically told me that there was nothing that he could do besides say he was sorry. I cannot believe the way this world is and the way that no one respects each other, and the stupid people that enable them to act like this. I am still so pissed. I don't know who else that I can even complain to or what I should do, but I will never go to that gas station again and I don't think anyone else should either!