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Pay or Trade at the DMV

This last weekend I had to get my tabs renewed for my car. I also had to do my emissions. And I found out, I also needed new license plates all together. Apparently in another way to be weasels, the Washington State government has a law that says after so many years, a automobile owner is required to get new license plates, or pay an additional $20.00 fee to keep their old ones. I'm sure they expect most people to pay the fee, especially those who have their current plate number memorized.

First and foremost what a jackassary way to make money off people. Many years ago, we voted down a massive tax we were paying on licensing, and the government in all their weaselness , has come up with ways around it. And for those of us, who decide not to pay the fee, and get new plates, now we are stuck knowing that we just added more to the trash that is filling the dumps when throwing our old ones away.