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Un-Green America

A couple of months ago Seattle had a “Green Festival,” which was mostly a bunch of vendors selling their “environmentally friendly” products. Being one who cares a little about the environment, I decided to go and check it out. I was given a bag full of paper products upon entering. The bag could be used to fill with more paper products that were being handed out at each booth. One of the things I was given was a free subscription to Green America. A magazine I assumed was dedicated to environmental crap, and not being one to say no to free crap, I signed up.

A week ago, I received my welcome packet full of paper crap, I don’t need or want. And today I received even more paper crap I don’t want or need.

Even if some of the paper used came from recycled sources, and I throw all the stuff sent into the recycling (which I did) energy is still used in the recycling process, and waste is spent. Not to mention the gas consumed for the mailman to deliver all this.

The welcome packet had a 300-page green phonebook. I did with this the same thing I do with any phonebook I’m sent, I tossed it directly into the recycling bin.

Coming Soon – more paper crap that I’m going to throw out.

A thank you letter letting me know all the paper they will be sending me along with my subscription.

Of course it would have to include an ask for money.

And a new member survey. This survey, by the way, was so long that my scanner couldn’t scan the whole page.

An envelope to mail the survey back.

Today’s mail had a letter that could have easily been included in the welcome packet. It’s blotted out, but they also spelt my name totally wrong.

Today also included a return envelope, even though nothing was sent that needed to be returned.

There are many things in this world that piss me off; religious nuts, people who own little yelping dogs, republicans, and up with all them are companies that use “green” and “environmental causes” to make a buck all the while not following what they preach.