Wash Your Hands

In further feeding the paranoia around swine flue, Microsoft has posted reminders all over the campus for everyone to wash their hands. The reminder also includes instructions for those who might not know how to wash their hands by this point in their lives. All the restrooms now have signs as you enter them, something that should have been done a long time ago, as I've witnessed many guys not washing their hands. But, for those who might miss the giant sign when entering the restroom, there are also signs in front of the elevators, like the one pictured here. This of course seems kind of pointless as most Microsoft employees have their heads down reading e-mail on their iPhones, Blackberries, or Windows mobile phones and most likely don't even see the notice.
It's also interesting to note; that while Microsoft is in the process of laying off thousands of employees to cut cost, they are putting that saved money to good use in printing up a bunch of signs to cover the walls in hundreds of buildings across the Microsoft campus.